Printing Your Photos

Now that you've done the hard part, let's get these photos on your wall!

Options for printing:

1. Print through me! 

 -Why? I use pro-labs.

- What does this mean? It means that your prints will be of the highest quality in both paper  & color.

-Printing prices can be found on my website under the "Pricing" tab.       (

-Simply decide what you want & email or call me with your order. I will clean up the image  as needed & order them for you. You can also order basic print sizes (4x6 to 11x14) within your gallery & the photos will be mailed directly to you.

2. Print them yourself:

-If you choose to order photos on your own, MAKE SURE & CLICK THE "DO NOT COLOR CORRECT" option or your prints may come back ugly.

-Be sure to adjust the cropping so that you don't lose important stuff like heads & feet.

-The consumer labs that I recommend are: Costco (as long as they don't color correct), MPix ( or Persnickity Prints (

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